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Principal's 2015 / 2016 Welcome Message

November 2015


Dear Parents,

It’s all about learning and our staff members have been very busy on their individual and group learning journeys. Ongoing professional development has been occurring from August through October. Our Professional Development Day was a culmination of this expertise coming together to work on Project Based Learning. You will see these projects rolled out in a variety of grades over the next few months. A large number of our staff recently attended the joint Math/Science Conference where they were enamored with a presentation by Chris Hatfield. I am certain your children would have heard from their teachers about the years of preparation he had to do for a job he was not certain to attain…a clear message about not giving up and it never hurts to learn! Staff members were still vibrating with excitement from their weekend experience on Monday! We continue to grow our expertise in math, technology, art, social studies, health and literacy. Staff do have the opportunity to learn from their grade or subject area team mates throughout the month with time built into our schedules, but in order for us to share our learning school wide, many Thursday afternoons are spent with colleagues sharing and planning together. Most of our Educational Assistants are also involved in a program to learn more about autism. One Thursday each month they attend an in service with modules to be completed electronically between each session. Already they are putting their learning into action. I want to thank our staff members who so eagerly take the initiative to increase their professional repertoire and who so willingly share their expertise with one another!

Throughout the fall we have been doing Fire and Lockdown drills. These will continue throughout the year, as we are required to have six of each drills during the school term. It was impressive to note that we exited our building in less than one minute during our last fire drill and all students were accounted for in less than five! That was much better than our first drill, which is why we continue to have these. Our Dynamic Lockdown (lockdown over lunch hour) was very successful as well, as students knew their job and got into place without their teacher directing them. Again, we learned some lessons from this drill, another reason why we practice. Our school underwent a COR audit on October 29. These audits are done yearly at different sites across our district to ensure safety is maintained throughout each and every day. Our school met all requirements of the audit.

We are so proud of our parent community! 100% of you have your log in information for PowerSchool, meaning you can access your child’s report card as well as attendance reports and in junior high, your child’s marks. Thank you for your cooperation. Remember bus passes and fees can be paid on line, with some fieldtrips also having that payment option.

In November we continue to be busy. We look forward to having you join us at our Remembrance Day Services on November 10 - K-6 at 10:30 and 7-9 at 11:15. Junior High students will have a variety of experiences with the John Howard Society visiting grade eight, grade nine going to the P.A.R.T.Y. Program at the Misericordia Hospital and the Mustard Seed coming in for a presentation. Skating starts for our Kindergarten and grade 2 this month, our Gr. 3-6 going to mass on Nov. 30 and report cards will be posted on Nov. 30. We hope you keep up!

Yours truly,

Doris Leboldus-Campbell
phone 780-444-0250

Dione Pelech 
Assistant Principal
phone 780-444-0250

Daryl Chichak
Assistant Principal
phone 780-444-0250

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