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May 2015

Dear Parents,

April was a great season of celebration. We enjoyed a beautiful Easter Mass in the gym with our entire community. On April 16 staff hosted some Senior Administration members as we shared our Social Justice and our “Transform” journey. Staff were very excited to review and share all that we have accomplished this month. When we look at individual progress it feels quite small, but when we look at our collective efforts we were overwhelmed by the progress we saw. What an energizing afternoon this was! A great evening was had by all at Galaxy Land on April 24. The “Staff Appreciation Gift” of two tickets to the event was cherished by many staff who had the opportunity to attend. Thank you! Yet another great community activity! Many thanks to the volunteers who carried out a wonderful event. We also celebrated a beautiful music concert from our Grade 7, 8 and 9 bands on April 30. What a perfect way to celebrate the Easter Season.

At our April 27 School Advisory Meeting we had elections. Every position was filled with ease. Thank you to all who have accepted positions on the Council to ensure the voices of parents are heard at SAB. A very big thank you to all of the outgoing people who have worked tirelessly to achieve great things in the first five years of our existence. I encourage all of you to make an effort to attend an occasional, (if not every), SAC meeting. We share what is going on at the school and we love to hear your feedback on a wide variety of topics. Our next meeting is Wednesday, June 17 at 6:30.

As we look at May we want to honor all of our mothers as we celebrate Mother’s Day. Our Grade 6 and 9 students will be writing their Language Arts Part A of the Provincial Achievement Exams this month. Our softball and badminton teams are in full gear. Community soccer starts up in full form and we are actually seeing the grass turn green and the leaves emerging. Happy Spring!

Class Formation
At School Council I outlined the detailed procedure that we use to develop class lists. Each student picture is put on a card and on the card details such their achievement level in different subjects, English Language Proficiency, leadership skills, behavior strengths and concerns. Each card has a section for notes. Such information as coding, attendance or emotional needs are considered, as well as students who should and should not be together in a class. It takes teachers many hours of work to put balanced classes together. When a request is made after the fact it is difficult to know the impact that could have on your child and on the other students in that class. We appreciate the conversation you have had with your child’s teacher so that they come to the table well informed of your input.

School Supplies
Parent volunteers will be organizing online purchasing of school supplies again next year. Information will be available in the June newsletter regarding purchases of school supplies.

Supply Donation
In June, teachers will provide a donation box to students. Students may choose to donate unused school supplies to another Edmonton Catholic School that is in need of these supplies. Donations are strictly optional. Please have a conversation with your children about whether you would like them to bring unused items home or if you agree with having them donated.

Lewis Farms Facility and Park: Ideas, Vision, Direction
Connect to the link below to provide your ideas for the planned Lewis Farms Facility and Park.

Doris Leboldus-Campbell
phone 780-444-0250

Suzanne Rozycki
Assistant Principal
phone 780-444-0250

Daryl Chichak
Assistant Principal
phone 780-444-0250

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