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April 2015

Dear Parents,

Many thanks to you, the parents, who continue to support your children. We had a good turnout at our March Demonstration of Learning where math games were learned, technology projects were shared and many other exciting experiments and projects were demonstrated. Over 40 of you participated in our School Council Meeting on March 23. Your input into class configurations, Christmas Concert and the “Safe and Secure Welcome Plan” was greatly appreciated. I am now able to review your feedback and move ahead with a staffing plan for next year. Also being able to share the process for building class lists was shared and I hope this helps you to understand the complex process that goes into constructing balanced classes. I look forward to your continued support and involvement as we grow as a community.

As you have seen over last year and this year, we have installed a number of security features in our school. Cameras monitor activity inside the school as well as at the various entrances. We have also installed a locking system between our outside portables and our main building, providing traffic 30 seconds to transition between the two buildings. As discussed at our recent School Council Meeting, we will move toward having our front door locked during different parts of the day as part of our “Safe and Secure Welcome Plan”. The main doors will remain locked until 8:00am with no early entry for students. Doors will be locked again at 9am through 11am, again from 1pm through 2:30pm. To gain entry into the school during these times you will be required to ring the doorbell at the front door and you will be let in through the buzzer system. You might prefer to come during the times it is unlocked. I will keep you informed of impletation of this change through an email. It is our hope that this will bring an improved sense of safety to our already safe community.

Wishing you a wonderful Spring Break and a very Happy Easter!

Doris Leboldus-Campbell
phone 780-444-0250

Suzanne Rozycki
Assistant Principal
phone 780-444-0250

Daryl Chichak
Assistant Principal
phone 780-444-0250

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